Mustang Regal MC sæde fører+pass. XV700/750/1000/1100

Mustang Regal MC sæde fører+pass. XV700/750/1000/1100

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Model/Varenr.: 75242
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Mustangs egen beskrivelse:

Yamaha Virago 1984-1999 Regal One-Piece

Soft pillow top tufted with covered buttons. Eliminates that "pushed-forward" feeling. The look of a two-piece seat and separate backrest pad are all built on a single baseplate.
The deeply pocketed front bucket features a full 15" of lateral support.
The 12.5" wide passenger seat extends forward to provide additional driver back support.
The 9" wide rear backrest is integrated into the seat.
The Virago accessory or Mustang's unique Wedged Sissy Bar Pad fits right above the Mustang seat backrest when using the tall sissy bar.
Front Width: 15"
Rear Width 12.5"
Weight: 13 lbs
Part Number: 75242
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